A new tradition was born

The Fire Ritual

It all started with the processing of herbs into beneficial herbal bitters and liqueurs. Today, the unique Baumann Ice & Fire Liqueurs are absolute classics among spirits that cannot be found anywhere else. With the Tyrolean fire ritual, they turn into a small spectacle for at home.

Tyrol on Fire 

The traditional mountain fires are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. At the time of the summer solstice, the Tyrolean mountains are ablaze. Burning hearts, eagles made of fire, crosses flickering in the wind – an impressive spectacle in the home of the Tyrolean fire ritual.
Old Tyrolean Custom

The History of the Fire Ritual

At the beginning there was the Tyrolean knowledge of the taste and the effects of local roots, herbs and seed. This is how the GletscherEis (glacial ice) emerged. With its high mountain extracts, the exotic bitter note of oranges and its powerful 50% alc./vol. it was intended and made for lighting.

The tradition of the Tyrolean fire ritual was born. After work or sports, one sat down with colleagues and friends and toasted to a successful day. This is what the magic of the ritual is about. Enjoying being together, celebrating Tyrolean conviviality. 

Watching the fire in the glass before it is blown out and then toasting to everyone. Today GletscherEis is set on fire as far as Australia. On terraces, balconies and in the living rooms - the Tyrolean cult for your home.
Fire Ritual - How does it work?

The Fire Ritual

The Tyrolean fire ritual is the highlight for every celebration with friends. You will definitely score points with it. Simply provide fireproof glasses, an igniter and you are ready to go. It it’s your first time, you will find the instructions on each fire liqueur bottle.

Mythos Ice Crystal

Many legends around the question of how the ice crystals get into the bottle have been circulating. The recipes of the ice & fire liqueurs are a well-kept secret, but we can reveal this: The “ice crystals” in the bottle are crystallized sugar. They emerge during a complex production process. Directly in every single bottle, unique and different in every bottle. Actually, every bottle is unique.

GletscherEis Fire Ritual

You determine the strength yourself. The original has an abv. of 50%.
Blow out the flame and let the glass cool down. Enjoyment that came from the cold - and really heats up!

Cold Delight

GletscherEis is made for lighting! Yes, but this only half of the story. Of course, GletscherEis tastes also nice pure. 

Here we will tell you what else you can do with your GletscherEis liqueur…

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